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It will take back you to wonderful 2d console gaming era of 90s. Its esp for Hack-N-Slash, BeatEmUp, fast action games fans who like castlevania and metroid style games. But this game is of KungFu theme. You will get feeling of Spartan-X 1 & 2, Kick Master and somewhat of Ninja Gaiden. Every enemy defeated raises your scores and fighting levels. Levels go up from punch to power punch to simple kick to flying kicks.

Get ready to play as Rudra an ordinary person from a village. The village is attacked by beasts, zombies and many other enemies. You have to kick them and earn score to upgrade fighting level and beat the bosses. The bosses currently available in this version are -

- 1st/5th Boss, Mr. Lean - A psycho
- 2nd, AxeMan
- 3rd, Big Skull
- 4rd, Shikari. A Hunter
- 6th, Scorpion man who can transform physical behavior between Human and Scorpion.

- 5 stages with tough bosses.
- Fast music, best enjoyable with headphones
- Filled with Kicks, punches & slow motion.
- Needs tactics to beat the bosses.
- Score based level system.

Game contains Advertisement shown once per game session. Ads reload if home/power is pressed.

I no more have dedicated artists and funds so couldn't make more games. Also revenues from all games barely reach $0.5-1 a day. However i have plans to use free graphics and make games like Street Of Rage, fighting games like double dragon and legend of axe of TurboGrafx (PC engine).

Developer's information:
Its powered by my own game engine with skeletal animation support. Its like Big guard characters of castlevania aria of sorrow, symphony of the nights. If you are interested in buying these framework i will sell this game source code.

tags: 2d sidescrolling, platformer, games like old 90s games of sega snes consoles.

Install instructions

  • Android GingerBread and above
  • No other requirement



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